Time Stories board game – a brief guide

Last week at our regular games night we finally had chance to try out time stories.

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We have been waiting weeks to try this but we have not had the opportunity to play it, so last week we finally got round to our first attempt, and what a great game it is.

Now be aware that given the basis of Time Stories, you can really only play each scenario once. The game comes with a scenario called Asylum however others are available as expansions. Once you know how a scenario goes, there isn’t really much point playing it again, so due to this, i’m not going to go into too much detail as I wouldn’t want to give anything away.

So what is Time Stories? Time Stories is a cooperative game in which each player plays the part of a temporal agent. The team is sent to a different time/reality where they must solve problems, explore their surroundings and complete the mission before running out of time units. Time units are spent throughout the game, for example at the end of each round you roll a dice to determine how many units were used that round. If you do run out of time units, and you will, then you restart the mission from the beginning, however the difference now is that you have visited some locations already and have knowledge of the scenario.

Time Stories opening scene

Time Stories opening scene

At the start of round one, the scene is laid out on the board. Each scene (location) consists of multiple cards which are placed face down (as you can see above, the first location has 6 cards, B to G). Each player then can visit one of the areas (cards) of the location by turning over one of the location cards. They can then read the text on the back which will tell them details of the location. They can not read out the card to other players however they can describe what the card is telling them.

At the end of each round you can choose to go to a different location (so for example one of the cards on then current location may tell you to go and check out a specific location within the map)  so you would then find the location cards for the new location and lay them out face down. You would also need to move the team marker to the new location on the map.

As you progress, you will receive new cards that go on top of the current map, opening up new locations, however once the game resets you lose these and must start from the beginning.

The game reminds me of the old Steve Jackson adventure game books I used to play as a child where you would make your way through the book by turning to specific pages, I recently found my copy of Sorcery! Khare: Cityport of traps in a box of my belongings from when I was a child. Time stories has a similar feeling, working your way around the map, exploring different areas and solving problems.

There are a few expansions available for time stories, unfortunately each one is nearly as expensive as the base game, however you can download a developer pack that will allow you to create your own and there is a huge fan base out there already creating their own.

Time Stories is definitely a game worth investing in, and given it’s low replay ability you may be able to find a cheap one on eBay.


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