Ticket to Ride UK and Pennsylvania

Last year, the board gaming club I run held a Ticket to Ride competition night, with 2 copies of the UK and Pennsylvania Expansion up for grabs.

Unfortunately I did not win a copy but I did have a great night, 3 games of Ticket to Ride, what”s not to like.

First I had a game of the US map where I places 2nd (I was 3 carriages short of longest route which would have put me in first place), then I had a game of the new UK map. Again, I came second, I was around 3 points behind first place… so close. I then played the Europe map, things were going OK however I had to duck out half way through.

So, the UK expansion… I must admit, I really enjoyed it. There are a lot on new mechanics involved with this one, you need to spend locomotives to buy cars that allow you to do certain things like…

Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride UK and Pennsylvania

Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride UK and Pennsylvania

Each separate country needs a separate card, so if you want to put trains in either Ireland, Scotland, Wales or France you need a card for each.

You need to buy a card to allow you to build on ferry routes (across water)

There”s cards that allow you to play routes with 3 carriages, and 4 and 5 – as standard you can only place a route for 1 or 2 carriages.

So adding all these cards does make it harder to get certain routes as you are having to spend your locomotives to buy the cards (or you can use 4 of any coloured train as 1 locomotive).

And then there is a super route, Southampton to New York, which is worth a whopping 40 points, and all it requires is 3 locomotives and 7 of the same coloured ticket (any colour as it is a grey route). Of the games I saw, the person that manages to get this route generally wins (or comes very close to winning) then game, definitely one to watch our for.

So if you are a fan of Ticket to Ride, I would certainly recommend investing in this expansion.

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