Secret Santa ideas for board gamers

If you are a member of a board gaming club, or are part of a group of board gamers, why not organise a secret Santa for Christmas this year.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

If you’ve never heard of secret Santa, the idea is simple. A group of people all put their names in a hat and in turn. Then, each person gets to pull a name out of the hat. Whoever they get, they must buy a present for. The present is wrapped but no “from” names are put on any of the presents.

Secret Santa usually has a set amount to spend, depending on the group. A few workplaces may run a secret Santa and usually spend around the £10 mark.

If you are in a board gaming club, running a secret Santa is a great way of bringing more games to the table.

There are websites available to help you run your secret Santa, “sneaky Santa” is a great example. On here, you can even put suggestions of things you may like (however linking directly to actual products kind of takes the fun out of it, but if there is a type of game you do/do not like, you could mention it.

So what could you buy. Well that, of course, depends on the budget. There are plenty of games around the £10 to £15 mark that would make a great secret Santa gift.


Codenames is a great party game and is suitable for your non gaming friends. It costs around £13 and is guaranteed to being hours of fun. And it is a great way of introducing non gaming friends into the board gaming community. I have played this game with many non gamers and they all loved it. Codename Pictures is now also available. I have not played this version but it sounds just as good, if not better than the original.

Love Letter

Love Letter is a great little card game that can be played pretty much anywhere. Ideal if you are spending time travelling over Christmas. There is a few varieties of this game available, including adventure time love letter and batman love letter.


Hanabi is another great party game, and coming in at way under £10 you even have change for a bottle of Christmas cheer, or maybe some chocolates.

Forbidden Island

If you’re buying for a more serious gamer, then Forbidden Island is a good option. This was the first game i ever bought and is a great cooperative game to play with your fellow gamers, yet is under the £15 mark.


Dobble is a great card game, suitable for all ages. I bought this game recently to play with my kids ages 4, 5 and 12 and they love it. And if your secret Santa match is a star wars fan, there is even Star Wars dobble available.

Of course this is just a small selection of the games available to buy as a secret Santa gift, and i’m sure if you go into your local store, or shop online, you will find many more available.

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