Last night on earth
Last Night on Earth Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ was originally written a couple of years ago so i”m sure there are plenty more questions based on the expansions however I have decided to post it anyway on the off chance someone gets some use out of it.

Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth

For those of you that have ever played the Last Night On Earth zombie board game, you will probably agree that the instructions leave a lot to be desired. It”s unlikely in the beginning that you made it through a game without having to Google at least one rule – I know on my first game I was constantly having to look things up as the instructions just didn’t go into enough detail.

So I thought a great idea for a post would be to gather some of those FAQ”s that aren’t covered in the instruction manual. Now I”m not guaranteeing that I will cover everything here, that would be impossible, but I”m going to to try and make a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Be aware that this post may be updated from time to time with new rules, and if you discovered something that I haven”t covered that you think should be here, I”d love to hear from you.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How does combat work if there are multiple zombies in a square with 1 hero (on the hero”s turn)?

If there is more than one zombie on the same tile as a hero, the hero must fight each zombie individually. So a hero in a square with 2 zombies would involve 2 completely separate fights.

How does combat work  if there are multiple zombies in a square with 1 hero (on the Zombie”s turn)?

Each zombie get”s to attack any hero that it shares a square with – so as above, if you have 2 Zombies and 1 hero in the same square, each Zombie will attach the hero in a separate fight.

How does combat work of there are multiple zombies and multiple hero”s (Zombies turn)?

In this instance, the Zombies and Hero”s will be paired off to fight, and if there is any Zombies left over, the Hero gets to choose which one will fight the remaining zombie.

What happens to a hero”s cards of he is killed?

Any cards that the hero was carrying when he dies are put straight into the discard pile.

How many cards can a Zombie play on their turn?

The Zombie player can play as many cards as they want, however there is a limit if 1 fight card per turn

What affect does the Lights Out marker have?

The Lights Out marker basically means any hero within this building can only move 1 square then it is the end of their turn. They can still search as normal.

How many item cards can a hero carry?

A hero may carry 4 cards, but only 2 of these can be weapons. Any additional cards must be discarded.

Can a hero search in a space occupied by a Zombie?

Yes, a hero can search, however if the hero decides to stay in a space occupied by a Zombie, they will have to fight at the end of their turn.

I hope you found this guide useful, as mentioned previously, extra FAQ”s will be added along the way.

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