A guide to starting your own tabletop board gaming club
Our boardgaming club

Our boardgaming club

Have you ever thought about running your own tabletop gaming club but didn’t know where to start. Well this guide might be just the thing you need to get you on your way to holding many successful games nights.
I remember when I first started our club, it was daunting. And for the added pressure, we held out first event on world tabletop day, no pressure, right?

Luckily the event was a great success and out club now has regular events (usually once a fortnight). We have a great group of members that regularly make it along to our events and the group is growing.

So where do you begin…


First of all your going to need a venue. Ideally you want to find somewhere that is easily accessible and free to use if possible.

If you do need to pay, try and find the cheapest. Ask around local pubs and clubs, they often have free or cheap function room hire as long as your spending money at the bar. Church halls are also an option and can be relatively cheap.


To start with you may only get a few attendees but you need to make sure you have a good selection of games to play, including games that are good for beginners, as you may get people that are new to gaming coming along. You can also encourage members to bring their own games to play.


The best way to advertise your group and it’s events is with a Facebook page. This way you can keep members up to date with the latest news and details of the next event. You could also print off posters and ask to put these up around the area, maybe in the local library or college.

A lot of members will also find you through word of mouth, and if you know of any other groups that play nearby you could go and recruit new members.


If you don’t manage to find a free venue then an option is to charge members to cover the cost of room hire. We first started our club we managed to find a free venue but we decided to charge £1 per person – this money allowed us to purchase new “club owned” games. We had to move to a new venue as the old one closed down, and now we pay £15 to hire the room, so we charge £2 per person to cover room hire and any leftover goes into the clubs funds to buy new games.

I hope you find this guide useful if you are thinking about starting your own board gaming group. If you have any questions about running a club free to comment below.

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