Month: July 2016

Ticket to Ride UK and Pennsylvania

Last year, the board gaming club I run held a Ticket to Ride competition night, with 2 copies of the UK and Pennsylvania Expansion up for grabs. Unfortunately I did not win a copy but […] Read More

Board Gaming Clubs in the UK

Use the list below to find a gaming club in your area. If you run a gaming club in the UK please send me a message on my Facebook page to submit your clubs details […] Read More

Last night on earth
Last Night on Earth Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ was originally written a couple of years ago so i”m sure there are plenty more questions based on the expansions however I have decided to post it anyway on the off chance someone […] Read More

Tabletop Board Games for beginners

Board games are constantly becoming more and more popular. With the thousands of games available to choose from it can be quiet a task deciding which game is going to be suitable for a beginner. […] Read More